kitchen time

jam 1 jammiejammieblogI love to cook, I love to eat. It can be simple, it can be eclectic, but it needs to have a lot of flavour. It can have as many calories as it likes, but I feel better if I eat something wholesome a few times a week. (‘Dirty food’, with lots of sugar, salt and artificial stuff is ok sometimes, too.) Whatever it is, it helps if it looks good. On most days I love to spend some time in the kitchen. Sometimes I use recipes, but usually I like to improvise. These days I cook for my 11 year old daughter and my housemate. So the recipes/guidelines in this blog usually feed three, usually with leftovers.



PS I called this JammieJammieBlog because ‘jammie’ is how you spell ‘yummy’ in Dutch. And I like jam, the normal, sugary kind. Raspberry, spooned onto chocolate crunchy muesli and yoghurt. But we’ll get to that.


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