vegan chocolate mousse

Day 18 and I vegan chocolate mousse | jammieJammieBlog.wordpress.comam back to chocolate. Chocolate mousse that is, though not as I ever knew it before. I have to say I prefer the classic version: it’s the first time this has happened since I started the Vegan Challenge. The texture is incredible, mind. Who knew advocados could whip up to something so soft and dreamy? When I was making this I just couldn’t get used to the flavour, though. Not advocado exactly, but still not quite right. I added more and more chocolate, more and more agave syrup, and still it wasn’t very sweet. Or very chocolaty. So I added a slug of Tia Maria coffee liquer and made this the perfect chocolate mousse for people who like dessert, but don’t have a very sweet tooth. And especially for all of you who can remember the chocolate moose on the the Muppet Show. Just make this for the fun of it!

vegan chocolate mousse

vegan chocolate mousse | four)


2 large, ripe advocados

100 gr dark chocolate

4 tbsps agave syrup

pinch of salt

about 2 tbsp of Tia Maria or liquer of your choice

fruit for serving

vegan chocolate mousse | jammieJammieBlog.wordpress.commethod

Melt the chocolate gently over hot water or in the microwave with the salt.

Add to the advocados with the agave syrup and blend together until perfectly smooth. (No green speckles!)

Fold in the liquer and spoon into serving dishes (small teacups look good). Chill for at least 2 hours before serving, or freeze for the same amount of time and serve as a parfait.

Serve, topped with some chopped kiwi or a few berries.


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