red clover tea

red clover tea | jammiejammieblog.wordpress.comAs I type this, rain is pelting against the window and continuous flashes of lightning fill the sky. Still, the afternoon was gorgeously sunny. Lots of sun, lots of rain; the wild flowers are still blooming like mad, especially the red clover. I remember reading about the healthful properties of red clover, for women in particular. Google comes up with sites claiming the isoflavones mimic oestrogen and that extracts of the plant can help against hormonal imbalance, prostrate problems, high blood pressure, coughs and even cancer. So I thought I would pick a few and make some tea. It looks gorgeous. It tastes….very green. Pick the flowers in an area where dogs can’t reach them, nor farmers’ crop sprayers. Add mint leaves or honey to make the tea more palatable if you like.

red clover tea

For every cup or glass of tea, fill the cup or glass half full of rinsed red clover blossoms. Fill with boiling water and steep for a few minutes.



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