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cheese toasty jammiejammieblog.wordpress.comThe best cheese around here is from the street market. I don’t eat much cheese, but I do like to go to the market, so I usually get some for my housemate. This week I also got some parsley for health. And some freesias. Perhaps I buy too much cheese, because we often have some left over. It could work in a souffle,  but it was Friday evening when I got round to making something with last week’s cheese. Toasties fitted the mood better. Do toasties need a recipe? Well, why not? These cook in the frying pan instead of in a toasted sandwich maker. You can use any kind of bread, any kind of cheese. Be generous with the cheese, sparing with the butter and oil. Reckon on two or three toasties per person ie four or six slices of bread. 


cheese toastiescheese toasty jammiejammieblog.wordpress.com


cheese, thinly sliced, about 25 gr per toasty


olive oil

bread, thinly sliced



Put a very large, heavy frying pan on a very low heat with just enough olive oil to coat the bottom. The oil is important for a crunchy finish.cheese toasty jammiejammieblog.wordpress.com


Sandwich the cheese between slices of bread and spread the top of the top slice with a little very soft butter. (Zap the butter in the microwave for 20 seconds if necessary.)

Put the toasties in the frying pan and leave for about five minutes till the bottom is brown.

Flip the toasties over so they are now buttered side down, taking care not to spill the cheese into the pan.

Fry for another five minutes until golden on the outside, melted on the inside.

Cut in half and serve hot. Great with rucola, apple slices and/or mustard.


PS What’s a cheese sandwich? A raw toasty…


Photos by Elizabeth Elkan



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